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Are you frustrated and fed up with a poor credit rating? Are you tired of wasting thousands of dollars on high interest contracts and... rentals? Are you looking for credit assistance and repair companies in Dallas, Texas and, do you need a legal / liable company that can help you with your credit rating? Then contact US Best Credit Solutions! We are one of the best credit repair companies in Dallas Tx, licensed with Secretary of State and carry a $10,000 surety bond to guarantee our work.  Your credit rating doesn’t have to be an expensive liability any longer and US Best Credit Solutions can help you regain this valuable asset. US Best Credit Solutions has been helping the Dallas community going on eight years, changing thousands of lives, through our legal credit restoration services. With our patented credit repair process, we are able to address all derogatory and erroneous lines of credit such as: collection accounts, late payments, tax liens, judgments, bankruptcy, foreclosures, repossessions, credit inquiries, previous addresses and aliases that leave you open to identity theft.


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Anyone can perform credit repair in Dallas, Tx with a bit of time and a few stamps. The problem with traditional credit repair is that it only addresses negative credit accounts at the surface level, the credit bureaus. Through legal credit restoration, US Best Credit Solutions is able to address every derogatory and erroneous line of credit all the way to the root of the problem where it all started, our lending institutions and service providers. Ask yourself this, if you are looking to permanently remove a pesky weed from your backyard, do you attack it at its surface or do you go after its roots? Through an intense series of audits, all done by certified and registered mail to create a legal paper trail, US Best Credit Solutions is able to build a legal case against these negative items. By enforcing the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), etc., Us Best Credit Solutions is able to provide its clients with maximized results in just a few short months. For those tough, hard to get rid of creditors and collectors US Best Credit Solutions has an onsite attorney to enforce the letter of the law, maximizing our client’s results and credit portfolio. Throughout the restoration process US Best Credit Solutions also educates its clients on how to manage and build the necessary lines of positive credit to give them a solid foundation for future lending needs. If your credit has stopped you from buying a home, getting approved for a mortgage, financing auto loans, secured and unsecured loans, even building your credit with credit cards, then let USBest Credit Solutions' credit repair Dallas Tx services give you the freedom of a good credit rating starting today.

Live outside of Dallas? We also offer our services in Credit Repair Austin, Credit Repair El Paso, Credit Repair Houston, and Credit Repair San Antonio. Call 1-844-204-1155 for the Best Credit Solutions today!


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